Core Skills

Leave the participants with the feeling that they have experienced a remarkable moment.


Event management


We have expressed our expertise in this domain through conventions, seminars, incentives, co-ordination of network activities, soirées, and road shows.

The Mirage « extra » : Devising concepts that are in direct contact with individuals and emotion.
As idea enhancers, we find inspiration in today’s and tomorrow’s trends in order to amaze, and provoke unique moments, leaving a lasting imprint on memories of instants on the path not usually taken. Our in-depth experience, precision and our attention to detail guarantee high-quality services.


We pay particularly close attention to creating a symbiosis between the image and the text in order to give life to original and dynamic creations filled with emotion.


Visual communication


Our expertise spans the gamut of visual communication:

  • Creation of visual identity
  • Graphic design
  • Design and realization of visuals

The Mirage « extra »: Combining the mastery of the codes and creative freedom.
Creativity and precision are our keywords and they constitute the guidelines rendering our realizations relevant and enduring, where image and text are complementary and give life to dynamic, original designs.


The digital world is a potent media field opening multiple perspectives of communication.


Space Design


Three-dimensional spatial artists, we design decors that add value to your image. From storeable stands that can be easily reassembled in France or abroad to interior design and made-to-measure furniture, our customized creations respond to all situations.

The Mirage « extra »: controlling the design and fabrication stages.
Controlling the fabrication process frees our creativity so that we can execute customized showcases for your products, devise specific territories for your brand, and implement multiple solutions for a one-off fair, or repeat events, in France, or on the international scene.


The digital world is a potent media field opening multiple perspectives of communication.


Digital Communication


Internet site, emailing – we accompany you throughout the elaboration and the active utilization of your digital communication, by developing smoothly-flowing visuals, that combine ergonomics and an appealing design.

The Mirage « extra »: making digital communication accessible.
From graphic design to web-marketing, we develop the tools and actions in coordination with your made-to-measure digital activities. These correspond to the expectations of your commercial targets and objectives. Be it the creation of a complex, original site, experimenting with a new concept, or utilizing new technology, Mirage remains at your side in the deployment of your digital strategy.


More akin to true short films than stuffy company promotional films, your videos gain in personality and impact.




Our scope of action covers all the types of utilization of video:
company presentations, client interviews, sales presentations, web journals and short films documenting events.

The Mirage « extra »: Write, shoot, and produce videos with strong added value.
Since we know from experience that an austere company promotional film is incapable of expressing the « dream element » that is indispensable to your points of differentiation, we devise authentic short films for your firm. They are constructed around an original storyline with a true artistic dimension. An enhanced image and soundtrack magnify your firm’s personality, while respecting its identity.